Saturday, May 5, 2007


The home based business industry is growing at staggering rates and has become a $427 billion dollar industry world over!

It is estimated by the year 2025, two thirds of Americans and people from all over the world will be working from home. With their computer knowledge more and more Indians are making money online everyday.

But still Most Of the People Around the Indian Sub-continent think that its not possible to earn money From the Internet, They think its because of the following reasons-

· They don’t have proper knowledge of computer
· Some think it all false and not possible at all
· And if some think its possible they don’t have the proper knowledge to do it
· Internet is full of scams due to which many people lost a lot of money in trying for earning money

Read my profile
· I am 23 year old and a Student.
· Residing in one of the remote cities of India, where the power cuts are more than 8 hours daily.
· Have no knowledge of computer just know how to use computer and internet effectively.
· Part-time Working 2–3 hours daily to earn money
· Earning somewhere in between 300 – 500 US $ (means around Rs.13000 – Rs.22000)

So I created earn-paisa just to tell you all that it is possible to make money online even if you are in Indian Sub- Continent.

It doesn't have to be that way. Working from home is much more feasible than you may think. It is very inexpensive to start a home-based business. Take for example: drop shipping on eBay, affiliate programs, data entry, ppc affiliate programs, phone affiliate program, internet affiliate programs, credit card affiliate program, affiliate business, business affiliate and so many more. You can make money fast. It is easy. There are plenty of free websites readily available in the internet. If you make use of our website sensibly there are many excellent programs that can get you started with very little money and can put a big cash flow into your bank account! Just by working from home you can give yourself a raise with all of the money you will be saving!
Why not put the profits you earn into your own pocket, instead of the pocket of your boss or company? That's what millions of people are doing right now. You don't need to have a ton of money or special skills to start. It doesn't have to be a dream to have a home-based business. You can make it happen if you try. With the right information it really is possible. If you would like to spend more time with your family and doing the things you enjoy, why not give it a try?

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